Hiring bouncy castles is one of the greatest options when you are throwing a party. The fun that these bouncy castles provide is excellent for your kid’s party.  If you are thinking of hiring bouncy castles for your kid’s party at your place where you are expecting your child’s friends to come, you should also give attention to the safety of the kids.

For the safety purposes, you should ensure the quality of the bouncy castle you are hiring for your kid’s party. Here are some steps you can follow for bouncy castle hire Perth:

Know the age of the castle

Don’t buy old bouncy castles for the party. This is because the bouncy castle that you are hiring might have covered wears and breaks that you sometimes do not notice.

In addition to this, if you are hiring bouncy castle by just visiting the website, you might not able to understand the current physical condition of the bouncy castle.

So it is advised to know the manufacturing date by asking the operator. Do not hire bouncy castles that are used for more than three to four years old.

Look for the PIPA test certificate

When you are hiring a bouncy castle for your party, check whether it has PIPA tag on it or not. If the castle has this tag, go ahead for bouncy castle hire. On the other hand, if the bouncy castle does not have a PIPA tag, it’s advised to look for another bounce house hire company.

In the end, you are advised to not hire a bouncy castle for your party without discussing with an operator. Though booking online and payment method is a very easy process, but you need to check these important things in order to make sure about the safety and security of the children.

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