Interpreting Services

In a statement today the interstate is a mandatory, translation agencies are indispensabile.TradFirst is a company that is not limited to mere authorized translations, certified, apostille or legalization, but tries to offer professional help our clients to communicate with partners their business.
With over seven years experience in the field with a team of 6 professional translators and interpreters, translations to and from languages Norwegian, German, English, French and Italian were the foundation of this company.
Over time, the simple translation is not enough, the translation of callings abroad, offices of translation and interpreting services become a necessity for multinational companies and attending conferences and certified translation of diploma papers, license, etc. . among them being compulsory.
With a new vision, professionalism, punctuality and professional conduct, our company provides and interpreting services and translations of works you through translators and interpreters our while to make your life more enjoyable and combines business with pleasure we also provide transcripts of audio-video.
If you want quality, professionalism and speed of translation Our company is for you. Wide range of offers and desire to help make us not just a means to formalize documents or to attend conferences requiring interpreting our services, but we turn into a reliable collaborator.

To make an offer on interpreting services for the company or your communication needs please send us a message via the contact form