Ford trucks are in business for a long time and still, people love driving it. The reason behind its success is its high performing engines. Ford diesel trucks are completely America’s favorite because of their improved fuel-saving features and serious towing capacities.

Ford is popular for many years and it will remain popular because of its enthusiastic models and their fuel economy. Some of its 6.7 ford models were found with several issues in mileage and their less fuel efficiency but was completed by the time with its diesel performance parts.

All these years the company ’s focus was on the fuel saving feature. The 6.7 Powerstroke tuner was developed to lead in the automotive industry. It has been considered as the best programmer that led the 6.7 diesel ford trucks back in the market.

As the world economy is losing its ground and diesel pricing meter is increasing day-by-day, vehicle buyers hunt for economic efficient vehicles. Ford vehicles fit in this category.

Here are some of the best ford performance parts that will get your diesel truck a better endowment and fuel-saving features.

Air Intake

Installing a cold air intake in your truck’s fuel system would be the great idea for an economically efficient engine. Cold air is thick and takes less space than hot air due to which it is possible for more air to get into the engine. This will lead your diesel engine capable of burning fuel more efficiently.

Air Intake products available in the market are:

  • Intake Manifolds
  • OEM Drop-In Filter
  • Replacement Filters

Fuel injectors

Injectors can help your engine to be more fuel-efficient because direct fuel injection can reduce fuel consumption by 1% to 3%.

7.3 injectors are the marvelous upgrade for those who are looking for fuel efficiency as well as modest power increase. This increase combustion efficiency, which results in greater power, and allows for a smaller capacity engine.


Performance Chips

Performance chips play an essential role in fuel economy functioning. You can squeeze your Ford diesel engine’s performance through the power settings feature. You can get these features in the form of handheld tuners.

Some popular tuner names are given below:

  • DP-Tuner
  • Smarty
  • SCT
  • TS Performance
  • Gearhead Automotive

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