Boxing is a quite popular sport played in Australia. People play this sport for regular exercise and fun. However, there are very few individuals who are interested in professional boxing.

No doubt boxing it a thrilling and exciting sport to play but things can go bad if you do not ensure the proper safety measures. Whether you are playing the sport professionally or for just fun, some essential gears are mandatory to ensure safety.

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You need to buy hand wraps, boxing gloves, mouth guard, head guard, boxing shoes, and punching bag to start training for boxing. Whenever you buy the boxing gears, you must make sure it will be of high-quality and capable of providing safety to the athletes.

You need the following gears to start boxing:

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are the soul of boxing. You should buy the high-quality leather boxing gloves to ensure the protection of your fingers and knuckles. Different kinds of gloves are available in the sports shops to choose from. They all come with different padding, weight, and material.

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Hand wraps    

Hand wraps are probably the most important boxing gears required to protect the wrist and hands from the impact. Hand wraps are necessary for avoiding injuries and ensuring safety.  

Mouthpiece and head guard

Your head and jaw are susceptible to injury in the game. It is quite necessary to protect your head and jaws from the heavy punches. Mouthpiece provides the security to the jaw and teeth of the athlete whereas the headgear helps to resist the impact.

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Boxing shoes

The right pair of shoes helps the athlete to play the game better. You must purchase the comfortable, lightweight shoes to make fast movement and get a bounce when you are in the game.

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