Our translation company provides certified translation services: Norwegian, German, English, Italian and legalized translations at competitive prices appostille intepretariat services to wide range of industries

Translation services

Our company Translation provides translation services authorized translations and legalization, apostille and interpretation services for a wide range of fields such as the economy, finance and banking, legal, literary, medical, IT and so on, addressing both individuals and legal entities.

Our team is distinguished by professionalism, promptitude, flexibility, reliability and, not least, an experience of 7 years in the field, which we recommend as true A trained to work quickly and efficiently for you. Our translators are persons authorized by the Ministry of Justice, so accredited in the field of translation.


Translations works License / Dissertation

Given that Cluj Napoca is a strong university center, geared towards our needs and the needs of students and others, offering professional translation services, prompt and best quality!

Legalization and Apostille Services

Besides translation services authorized and authenticated basis, First Trad offers and services from legalization and Apostille that will relieve your eyes from the road site imp lost in search of notary offices or other institutions that will ensure these procedures.

Interpreting Services

In a statement today the interstate is a mandatory, translation agencies are indispensable.TradFirst is a company that is not limited to merely authorized translations, certified, apostille or legalization but tries to offer professional help our clients to communicate with partners their business.

Transcripts audio / video

First Trad provides transcription services to our customers and audio or video recordings of any kind or in any format. Transcripts will be made by our team of translators and experienced in the field, ensuring quality of service for English, French, Norwegian, German and Italian and giving you accurate transcriptions of your materials.

Certified translations English

Our team occupies over 7 years with translations to and from English in various fields, and now we are available and online! Our services are based on promptly and accurately, and the translations are done by translators, accredited by the Ministry of Justice with experience in most industries experience recommend us as masterful in for translation to and from English.